JAKE is an exploration of the paradigms of style, gender, and architecture put to clothing. We make things which are at once innovative and instant classics with our signature collections.  The indefinable characteristics of JAKE are the result of a certain unique, uncommonly balanced and outspoken perspective mixed with an incredibly measured sense of decorum.  In a world filled with exceptional people, we endeavor to complete their own exceptional style story with that perfect bit of JAKE.  We dare you to look closer – because here even our details have details.



Jake Wall began his fashion career under the moniker “Artful Gentleman” armed with little more than three suits he had made for himself, his business partner Nathan Johnson, and a small by-appointment-only “shop” that the two ran out of his live-work loft in San Francisco in 2012.  His classically based made by hand modern bespoke suits have evolved over the years into collections for men and women including tailored and ready-to-wear offerings dedicated to exploring the juxtaposition of the time-honored and the unexpected – to take the common place and make it nothing short of exceptional.

At the core of the company’s values is his belief that creating clothing for an individual is reminiscent of the art of painting a portrait – in this case the brush is traded for needle and thread and the paint for luxury fabrics. Whether it is custom made or ready-to-wear, Jake is unabashedly pushing the boundaries of what is expected from the world founded in the tailored principles of garment making.